Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indians are planning to take over our Parliament now. If is anything to go by then the deadly duo of the two Gupta’s have managed to stack the Liberal party. With articles like ‘The time is now’ it is clear that Nitin Gupta is working closely with Gautam.

We all know his political masters Guatam Gupta and Red Ted are corrupt. Guatam defended Ted’s billions in his latest interview in the age. An unemployed Guatam is known to be funded to the tune of over a quarter million by the Liberal party to attack the Labor Party.

Now shocking revelations have emerged. Indus Age and are heavily promoting Nitin Gupta. Both of them are owned by one Sid Suresh. Gautam is known to be funding Sid’s businesses and is promoting Indus Age to businesses for advertisements.

The question is who is Nitin Gupta and how is he related to Gautam Gupta, Red Ted, Vasan and the underbelly of Australian education industry.

The treachery of Nitin become’s clearer in this article ‘RTOs take woes to Liberal Party’. Nitin Gupta owns a private college called ALTEC. All the fraudsters are part of his charade. The opening of the college was attended by Nitin Gupta, Sid Suresh, Gautam Gupta and Ted Baillieu.

It was joked that ALTEC means 'ALWAYS LET TED ENJOY CASH'. Now the question is what kind of blood sucking scum will bankrupt poor students and make a career out of them? Ted and Nitin.Vasan Srinivasan, the failed Liberal Indian, is the education agent for this college. These guys are all crook. One starts a college, other recruits, third blames Victoria for corruption and their boss Ted uses the Parliament to support them.

Nitin Gupta finally declares his intention. He says “Today the South Asian communities are well under-represented, especially in the Victorian parliament. Going by the numbers there should be at least five to six members of these communities from each party to satisfy the proportions. There should be a certain understanding between the people and the legislature so that they can function more efficiently and the full potential of the communities can be realised,”

So he thinks there should be one Indian politician for every 10000 Indians in Australia. We know what the Indian politicians have done to India and now they want to damage our country.

If we listen to this lunatic, we will end up with twelve Indians in parliament. He further threatens more attacks on Australia’s reputation if he is not elected in the parliament. This is not greatly unlike the Hamas blaming the USA all the while blackmailing them for more funds to stop terrorism. Nitin Gupta is a blackmailer and the worst kind of human being.

Vasan is much better, he is a crook and atleast he acknowledges it.

According to a VEXNEWS investigation Nitin Gupta’s private business interests are likely to attract considerable public attention soon,.

Nitin Gupta is a crooked business operator. He has started many businesses and then closed them without paying salaries to staff or rent. His modus operandi is simple, when he has squeezed the business dry, he transfers the lease to an Indian student. The student is then given $5000 and one way ticket back to India.

Many property owners have been cheated by him and he owes thousands in back rent to them. He also owes lots of salary to Indian students whom he threatens from speaking out. He pays them less than award wages and in most cases about $5 per hour.

In 2006 he had a telemarketing company which worked to promote Ted’s billions. They breached all rules of ADMA and after receiving hundreds of complaints of harassment from ordinary Australians Nitin Gupta did a runner and closed the company. The company also owed thousands to other telecom companies like Optus whose product they use to sell door-to-door and via telemarketing.

In 2007, he set up the dodgy private college ALTEC. Besides running the dodgy college with Ted’s money, Nitin Gupta made hundreds of thousands issuing students with fake work experience certificates. He charged poor Indian students between $3000 to $15000 per fake certificate. He worked as agent for many Indian restaurants but his speciality was experience certificate for students wanting 900 hours work experience in printing industry. His partner in crime was Vivek Sharma Director of Landmark Printing. Nitin Gupta and Vivek Sharma made over $300000 over a period of two years.

Nitin Gupta transferred $100000 of this money to India and with the rest he purchased a house in April 2009 for $650000 in Glen Waverley.

He is now asking Indian restaurants, private colleges and education agents to pay $10000 each for his elections. Red Ted and his dunny will bring back the ugly nexus between corrupt agents, college owners and the annoying telemarketing Indians.

Nitin Gupta must be exposed and deposed before it is too late.

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